Lumberton Hardin County Texas Primary Election May 29 2012 vote YES James White for State Rep Say NO to Mike Tuffy Hamilton

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Lumberton and Hardin County Texas Republican Primary Election May 29 2012 Vote YES to re-elect super conservative State Representative James White!

vote NO to Mike “Tuffy” Hamilton. Hamilton is not conservative, he is supported by liberals and Democrats, he is a Joe Straus leader who is trying to pass casinos and gambling so Straus can make money, and Hamilton has had multiple tax liens and ethic violations and fines!


Mike Hamilton Endorsed By Democrats – May Face Criminal Charges? HD 19 State Rep Election Update

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Mike Hamilton is REALLY getting desperate. He knows that he is losing to Super Conservative State Rep. James White. Mike Hamilton is getting so desperate that he, a so called Republican, is getting on the news and bragging about endorsements from DEMOCRAT elected officials.

People should have known all the ads from good old Tuffy were lies. Hamilton is no strong Republican if he is getting on the news bragging about support from local democrat officials who are going to be voting for Obama again.

Here is the picture of a room filled with only 10 people who are at the Hardin County Courthouse to see Mike Hamilton endorsed by his good old boy officials in Hardin County, including Democrats!


James White on the other hand just had a rally in Hardin County at Catfish Cabin in Lumberton, TX. This rally was attended by HUNDREDS of people and Governor Perry stopped in to support James White over Mike “Tuffy” Hamilton. Ouch! Mike Hamilton looks stupid now with his little rally attended by 10 people including Democrats

Mike Hamilton might be facing Criminal Charges for illegally obtaining school records from James White’s personnel files.

Hamilton cannot defend his own ethics violations, tax liens and sexual harassment allegations so Hamilton is trying to make super star conservative Republican James White look like the guy with the ethics problems. James White one time was reprimanded for using the Texas Sodomy Supreme Court case as an example in a 12th grade class talking about Texas supreme court cases. he was cleared and given positive yearly reviews and a contract extension. Hamilton illegally obtained these records from the school and is lying to voters saying that White was forced to resign from the school. Hamilton has the files and knows that White was not forced to resign and was actually given positive reviews and a contract extension.

Hamilton must be sweating right now wondering if he will have criminal charges against him for illegally obtaining these records. Not to mention he might be facing other lawsuits for outright lying and saying that White was forced to resign. The pile of Hamilton’s ethics violations is getting bigger by the minute!

State Rep Mike Hamilton is FOR Eminent Domain Abusers and Does Nothing to Stop It although he Says He Isn’t on Election Website

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Mike “Tuffy” Hamilton says, “Mike has voted to protect our private property rights and against eminent domain abuse” on his vote for Mike Hamilton election Website Hamilton for Texas HD19 State Representative Race

Mike Hamilton DID NOTHING to stop the City of Lumberton from abusing Eminent Domain and SUPPORTS the ABUSERS. A little online search brings up this story from KBMT Channel 12

That news story shows that the City of Lumberton took a man’s land and gave the man very little money in return. The man went to court and the city lost the lawsuit and the Court made the city pay the man OVER 1 MILLION DOLLARS from the small city budget.


Lumberton is in Hardin County in Mike Hamilton’s District and Mike Hamilton DID NOTHING to stop this eminent domain abuse. Not one peep from State Representative Hamilton

The Mayor of this town is a guy names Don Surratt. This mayor, and apparently a councilman named Don Burnett per the 12 news article were in favor of taking this guys land and not giving him fair payment.

I hear that Mike Hamilton’s yard in Lumberton has a Re-Elect Don Surratt sign in it!

Mike Hamilton does not stand up against Eminent Domain Abuse and he Supports the Abusers!

Mike Hamilton knows Lumberton well because he even moved to Lumberton to run against conservative James White to please Hamilton’s Liberal Leader Joe Straus. Straus wants Casinos and Expanded Gambling in Texas and Mike Hamilton is trying to pass legislation to expand gambling and Casinos in Texas.

State Rep. Mike “Tuffy” Hamilton Pushes Gambling but Tells Voters he is Against it Just to Win HD19 Election in Hardin, Jasper, Polk, Newton and Tyler Counties in Texas

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Mike Hamilton is lying to His Voters!

Hamilton is telling his voters that he is not for casinos but Hamilton turns around and tell the Newspapers that he is FOR Casinos and gambling and is trying hard to pass a gambling bill [see below for quotes from Hamilton in newspapers]

A Vote for Mike “Tuffy” Hamilton is a vote for Casinos and Expanded Gambling in Texas.

A Vote for Hamilton is a vote for RINO Speaker Joe Straus to be able to pass a gambling bill that will bring millions to Joe Straus’ Gambling business and cost the residents of Texas dearly.

This is one of the most important races in Texas because if Hamilton wins he will use his Chairman position to try to bring casinos and gambling into Texas.

A Las Vegas Casino has already bought Racetracks in Texas in anticipation that Hamilton will be re-elected and will pass a bill allowing Casinos and Expanded Gambling in Texas

We all need to vote AGAINST Mike Hamilton

Hamilton is a proven liar and cannot be trusted.

Read the rest of my story for proof that Hamilton is lying to his voters on Casinos and Gambling

Mike Tuffy Hamilton is a two faced hypocrite. Mike Hamilton sold out to the gambling industry when they flashed him some cash. Let me ask you something Tuffy. If your family was in debt would you tell your wife that the way to solve the problem was to go to the Casino? Then why are you saying Texas needs gambling to help the state budget? You are not only wrong but you are also lying to your voters to get them to vote for you while at the same time your hand is in the money pot of the gambling industry.

Hamilton has been telling his conservative and Christian east Texas voters that he is not for casinos or expanded gambling in Texas. He knows that his voters do not want casinos or expanded gambling in Texas so Hamilton tells them what they want to hear. Hamilton tells them he is not for gambling.

Want proof that Hamilton is telling his voters that he is against gambling?

Check out this article from a guy in Lumberton, TX in Hardin County. This article says that Hamilton told his constituents that he is not for Casinos or gambling. Mike Hamilton even told them that he killed the gambling bill just for them, his constituents.

Mike Hamilton is 100% in favor of Casinos Gambling

He has been lying to his constituents in order to get votes. He is slick and only cares about the almighty dollar, not his voters.

Hamilton is the author of HJR 112 which would legalize casinos and expand gambling in Texas. Hamilton has also voted for casinos and expanded gambling in past legislative sessions.

Hamilton is an outspoken advocate for gambling and will keep trying to get it until it passes. Hamilton will tell his voters one thing but then turn around and do something else of a check from the gaming industry. Hamilton told his voters that he killed the bill for them but the truth is that Hamilton could not get the votes to pass the bill because most voters in Texas and even the Republican Party of Texas Platform are against Casinos and expanded gambling in Texas. The Governor also said he would veto it.

That is why Hamilton’s gambling bill died. It died because it was not going to pass. It did not die because Hamilton cares about his voters.

Hamilton cannot be trusted!

Want Proof that mike Tuffy Hamilton is Pushing For Gambling and Casinos and Lying to his Voters about it?

read these quotes straight from the mouth of Mike Tuffy Hamilton himself

Rep. Mike “Tuffy” Hamilton, R-Mauriceville, said he still doesn’t have the 100 votes required in the House to advance the constitutional amendment his committee approved.

Hamilton told the Star-Telegram that he wants to be assured that the measure will muster 100 house votes before he tries to push it through his committee, but he said he is optimistic of getting the support. “I think we’re really close,” he said.

The Republican from Mauriceville, who chairs the committee, drafted a House joint resolution calling for a constitutional amendment. Hamilton said the bill would allow for construction of seven destination casinos, three Indian tribal reservation casinos and 13 dog and horse tracks.

Hamilton said casinos could be part of the fix for Texas’ fiscal crisis. He chairs the House Committee on Licensing and Administration, which heard testimony on 17 gaming bills Tuesday. They included everything from casinos and slots to race tracks and bingo.

Casinos and Expanded Gambling are BAD for Texas

promises promises promises….. but no return on the investment…. just more crime and more families and lives ruined and money sucked out of homes. Did the Lottery for Education? NO! It is a tax on the poor. Governor Perry says gambling is not the way to build a solid economy in Texas. If gambling was the way to solve state financial problems then Nevada would be doing great, but Nevada has serious financial problems.

Rob Kohler for the Texas Baptist Christian Life Commission said bringing casino gambling to Texas would enable people to gamble who do not have the means to go elsewhere. He also said pari-mutuel wagering came with promises of revenue that did not pan out, and instituting the lottery did not “solve all our problems.”

Suzii Paynter of the Texas Baptist Christian Life Commission said the costs of more gambling, such as from litigation and social problems, would outstrip gains. Paynter asked the lawmakers to consider whether they would solve their personal financial problems with gambling; if not, they should not do so for their constituents.

“We have an opportunity to make a decision as if this state were a family,” she said.

Straus and Texas Gambling industry Want Mike Hamilton to win against James White – Las Vegas buys Texas Racetrack for Casino

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Las Vegas Casino gambling company Pinnacle Entertainment has purchased Straus Family Business Interest Retama racetrack in Texas. They expect Joe Straus and Mike Hamilton open Texas up to expanded gambling and casinos.

I saw the following comment from a Tea Party group at the bottom of a Governor Perry Endorsing James White article. I believe this comment is true. Mike Hamilton is a committee chairman for Straus and he tried to pass a bill expanding gambling in Texas. This would benefit Straus because his family owns gambling businesses. It is all coming together now. Mike Hamilton is a must win against James White in order to keep expanded gambling alive. This might be why so many state leaders, like Rick Perry, are endorsing James White. Most Texans, including Governor Perry, are opposed to expanded Texas gambling like Casinos.

Tea Party comment:

The reason Mike Hamilton is making this run IS to facilitate casino gambling in Texas- in this next session. Their last polling of the state House members came up with 92 votes- 8 short of what they need. Many of the matchups are to give them the chance to have a good change at getting the 8 additional votes they need. Lanf in San Antonio, Austin, and Irving is already laid out for this purpose, with Straus and his buddies looking to get wealthy off those tracts. This will be THE fight this time around, folks; rest assured of that!

Joe Straus Funding Mike Hamilton Attack on Black Texas Republican James White

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Liberal Joe Straus and Mike Hamilton are no longer working behind the scenes in secret.

Joe Straus came out of the closet and has publically stated his intention to defeat African American Republican James White.

An email was sent out from that proves that Straus is out to get James White. Straus is raising money in an Austin fundraiser to fund MIke Hamilton’s attack on James White. Mike Hamilton is a hand picked Straus Chairman. Straus tried to defeat White in redistricting in a secret deal that would force White to run against Hamilton. The Straus Redistricting plan is not going well and James White has a good shot at winning. Straus is pulling out the big guns and openly fundraising money to defeat White.

Everyone needs to help James White win this Texas 2012 Republican Primary Election for State Representative in House District 19 – HD 19

Straus Bets Big Against Conservatives

Posted on February 23, 2012 by Michael Quinn Sullivan

Texas House Speaker Joe Straus is once again campaigning against conservatives in 2012. In state, he is fundraising against the re-election of conservative State Rep. James White in favor of carpet-bagging moderate Mike “Tuffy” Hamilton. And nationally, Mr. Straus has endorsed the lackluster moderate Mitt Romney for president. 

Straus is betting big against Texas conservatives. Once was the time when Joe Straus said as speaker he wouldn’t campaign against incumbents. Of course, that was in the 2010 election season, when the Republican Straus was actively working to help Democrat incumbents like former State Rep. Patrick Rose stay in office. But the conservative tide swept Rose and 22 other Straus-aligned Democrats from the Texas House.

This go-round, Speaker Straus’ GOP redistricting team sought to punish conservatives like James White. You see, Mr. White defeated a Straus Democratic committee chair, Jim McReynolds, in the ’10 general election. The Straus team radically redistricted Mr. White, putting him into all new territory. To add insult to injury, the Speaker’s go-to guy on gambling, the aforementioned Mr. Hamilton, moved districts and across county lines so he could challenge Mr. White.

(Mr. Hamilton is the chairman of the House Licensing Committee, which has jurisdiction over gambling expansion.)

This coming Wednesday (2/29), the Texas Association of Realtors political action committee is hosting a luncheon fundraiser in Austin for Hamilton — headlined by Speaker Straus. (See the fundraising invitation below, or by on the Realtors’ website.)

This is the same Speaker Straus who said he “would not campaign against incumbents of any party.” Now he is actively working to defeat an African-American conservative, former teacher and retired US Army officer — in favor of a moderate, big-tax, big-government lackey.

(It’s interesting to note that by raising money for Hamilton, Speaker Straus is now publicly engaged in a full-out campaign against tort reform powerhouse Texans for Lawsuit Reform. TLR has endorsed the conservative Mr. White, and criticized Mr. Hamilton. This isn’t the only case. In other races around the state, Mr. Straus’ consiglieres, advisors, lackeys and consultants are running just-below-the-radar races against other tort-reform champions.)

Not surprisingly, Joe Straus’ embrace of leftward-tilting Republicans extend beyond Texas politics.

Earlier this week it was repopted that recent polling found former senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania is the far-and-away favorite of Texas Republican primary voters, with former Massachuetts governor Mitt Romney a distant third. Like Joe Straus, Mr. Romney is a moderate-at-best Republican (remember RomneyCare?) who is suddenly trying (painfully) to present himself as “severly” conservative. The day after finding Republican voters in Texas overwhelmingly oppose Mitt Romney, Joe Straus endorsed him.

Is your state representative still supporting Joe Straus’ reelection for speaker in 2013? With Mr. Straus working so actively against conservatives, now is a good time to ask.

TREPAC invitation for Hamilton fundraiser headlining Straus. CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE.



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Texas State Representative James White is Significantly More Conservative than Mike Hamilton According to Rice University Baker Institute Study

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The James A Baker III Institute for Public Policy at Rice University has done a study on Liberals and Conservatives in the 2011 Texas House of Representatives

The Study reveals that Republican State Representative James White is Significantly more conservative than Republican State Representative Mike Hamilton

The Study said this: It is in the fifth and final district (HD-19) where there exists the sharpest ideological difference between the two primary (in this case the Republican primary) competitors.13 Here, freshman James White has a voting record that is significantly and substantively more conservative than that of five-term representative Mike Hamilton. White’s Lib-Con ranking makes him the 15th most conservative Republican in the 2011 House, while Hamilton’s ranking locates him in the party’s least conservative quintile (17th least conservative). While White’s Lib-Con Score is significantly more conservative than that of 58 of his fellow Republicans, Hamilton’s is significantly more conservative than that of only three (Aaron Pena, Allan Ritter, and Chuck Hopson). By the same token, only two Republicans (Bill Zedler and Ken Paxton) have voting records that are significantly more conservative that that of White, while 48 Republicans have records significantly more conservative than Hamilton’s.

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